Protecting your privacy and personal data is very important to us. Personal data, that you provide, are processed and protected by us in accordance with applicable legal regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation on Personal Data Protection. In the text below, you will find the information, which personal data are processed, for what purpose and what are your rights.

1. Which Data We Process

During the use of the application, we obtain and process personal data of customers (passengers) and personal data of drivers.

In case of using the application via registration, you need to fill in the registration form, where you enter your email address and a password, then you can add your name, surname and phone number to your profile. The advantage of registering is the possibility of paying for a taxi by a card and of accessing the order history from any mobile device; these benefits are only available to registered customers.

In addition to the above data entered by a customer or a driver, we collect certain technical data of the mobile device also automatically, in particular the type and the model of the mobile device, you are using, the unique UUID mobile identifier, the IP address, the mobile operating system of the mobile device, the type of the mobile Internet browser, and the application usage information.

In order to use the application, it is necessary to process both the customer and the driver location geographic data by means of locational sensors (e.g. GPS) of mobile devices. Through the application we get information about the current location (place) of the customer’s mobile device with the aim to show the available drivers around the location. We also get the information about the current location (place) of the driver’s communication device to view an offer of taxi services for prospective customers. The application periodically updates the location of the driver’s communication device for the purpose of viewing the customer who ordered the service. For both the customer and the driver, you can turn off the application on your mobile device at any time, which prevents the application from accessing your location.

We also obtain details of the service provided between the customer and the driver during order processing, in particular driving directions, driving time, price, method of payment, and the type of and some details of the credit card (first or last four digits); we do not process other payment information.


Because we require an electronic copy of your taxi license (if you are also the taxi operator) and/or a copy of your driver’s license (if you are employed by a taxi operator), and of your identity card, vehicle documents and compulsory third-party liability insurance as defined in the cooperation agreement, the data in these documents (such as full name, date of birth, birth identity number, permanent residence, vehicle make and model, number plate and vehicle color) will be processed by us along with your email address, phone number, and bank account number. The provision of such personal data is a contractual requirement. Unless you provide us with your personal data, you cannot be connected to the application defined in the cooperation agreement.

2. For what purposes we process the data

Contract performance

We process the data primarily for the purpose of mediating the conclusion of a passenger transport (taxi services) contract between the customer and the driver through the application, which includes in particular:

• customer identification and driver identification needed to provide the service through the application, including the search and the assignment of the driver to meet the customer’s request for the transport,

• determining the current location (place) of the customer that serves the driver to pick up the customer from the specified location,

• identifying the driver’s current location (place) that serves the customer about the estimated service delivery time,

• ensuring the fulfilment of mutual rights and obligations of the customer and the driver resulting from the contract for the personal transport, e.g. a non-cash payment for the provided service,

• sending notifications regarding the status of the service providing within the application, e.g. a notification about the driven vehicle,

• providing data on the transport, in particular the customer’s name and surname, the route and time of the transport, and the cost of the transport (where, in case of a customer – corporate client – this data is also provided to responsible corporate client agent, who manages the corporate client’s profile in the application).


The personal data of drivers, including the data presented in the submitted documents, are processed for the purpose of concluding and fulfilling the cooperation agreement, including the verification of the driver’s qualification for performing the taxi service and the suitability of the vehicle for this activity. In order to select a suitable driver for the customer’s order, we take a decision based on the automated processing of driver’s personal data, including profiling, which results in mediation of the conclusion of the contract for the personal transport (taxi services) with the customer (the so-called automated individual decision). In making such a decision, we take into account in particular the following parameters: the distance of the driver from the point of arrival of the customer and the quality of the driver (measured in particular on the basis of two indicators, namely (i) customer rating, and (ii) the ratio of receiving orders where the rule “the higher, the better” applies) and furthermore e.g. the presence of a limousine driver near the place of entering, the presence of a non-smoking vehicle near the place of entering, and the time-limited presence of the driver with a previously cancelled order for the replacement for such an order. The result of such a decision is selective displaying of customer orders to certain drivers, and in some cases (e.g. inadequate quality based on customer reviews and the rate of receiving orders), this may also mean the termination of customer orders displaying to such a driver, or the termination of the transport mediation for such drivers. An automated decision is necessary for the purpose of concluding a contract.

Fulfilment of Legal Obligations

Personal data (to a limited extent) is processed also for the purpose of performing billing and other obligations according to applicable legal regulations, in particular the Accounting Act, the Value Added Tax Act, and the like. In such cases, the provision of personal data is a legal requirement, and failure to do so would result in the impossibility or termination of providing services.

Application Enhancement and Protection

We have a legitimate interest in improving the application, in particular by improving the design of the application and optimizing its content and features, as well as in protecting customers and drivers while using the services mediated by the application. We also use the data for the following purposes:

• informing about changes in the application and updating the terms of use of the application by sending notifications to the application’s mailbox or to the customer or driver email address,

• promoting in-app news, e.g. adding new filters, features, etc. by displaying of the information about that news directly in the application or by sending a notification;

• checking compliance with the application’s terms of use and detecting violations,

• analysis of drivers’ reviews from customers, continuous monitoring of the quality of service provided through the application, resolution of driver service quality problems and taking corrective actions,

• preventing and detecting unlawful conduct during the use of services mediated through the application, including the use for investigation purposes and prosecution by competent authorities.


We only send promotional offers and commercial newsletters to the recipients who have registered for the subscription. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, you need to give your consent for this, i.e. to register to its subscription. When you subscribe to a newsletter, you need to enter your e-mail address. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to process your email address for marketing purposes, i.e. offering products and services, sending commercial information, and more. The provision of personal data is voluntary. You can withdraw your consent to the subscription to the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each e-mail that we send you about the newsletter.

3. Storage Period

Your data provided to us is retained for the duration of your application registration. You can terminate the processing of your data at any time by selecting the logout and deletion by clicking “Logout&Delete” in the application; this will result in the cancellation of your application registration and the deletion of your personal information.

You acknowledge that we will keep a backup copy of your data on our system for the purpose of any claim, enforcement of consumer protection laws, legal protection of the operator or investigation by competent authorities for 2 years from the termination of your application registration.

Personal data, processing of which is necessary to fulfil our legal obligations, is stored for a period stated by applicable legal regulations (e.g. accounting documents for the period of 10 years following the year, which they relate to).

4. Provision and Transmission of Data

We only provide personal data to customers and drivers reciprocally, namely to the extent necessary to mediate the conclusion of a contract for the personal transport (taxi services); for this purpose we provide the customer with at least the following driver data: name, phone number and current location, and we provide the driver for this purpose with at least the following customer data: current location. It is also possible to provide additional data and it depends on the settings, which the user entered in the application directly.

We process your personal information also through intermediaries who provide us with contractual obligations and provide services related to the application. These persons perform certain activities on our behalf by sending text messages (sms notifications) regarding the state of the service provision (InfoBip, Viptel), sending emails and advertising offers (Mail Chimp), processing card payments and providing cloud services. These companies will have access to the personal data necessary for the performing of these activities but may not use them for any other purpose and they are required to process such personal data in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

5. Your Rights

You have the rights listed below with respect to the personal data, we process about you. You can apply for these rights by sending your application to

Right to Data Access

You have the right to request a confirmation at any time whether we process your personal data and, if so, you have the right to access this data (copy of your personal data) and information on the terms of processing. We will provide this information generally within one month of receiving such a request.

Right to Correction and Addition

In case of incorrect or incomplete data, you have the right to request a correction or addition. You can also update your data you entered during the registration by yourself in the “My Profile” section. If you have a problem updating your data, please contact us.

Revocation of Consent

If you have subscribed to receive promotional offers and commercial newsletters, you can withdraw your approval at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each e-mail that we send you about receiving the newsletter. However, any processing done prior to the withdrawal of your consent will remain legal. Revocation of the consent will result in the deletion of the personal data you have entered for the newsletter subscription unless there is another legal basis for processing it.

Right to Deletion

You can also delete your data if one of the following is true:

• personal data is no longer needed for the above purposes,

• you object to the processing of personal data that is carried out on the legal basis of legitimate interest and any legitimate reason for processing does not predominate,

• personal data was processed unlawfully, or

• personal information must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation,

unless processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation or to prove, enforce or defend legal claims.

Right to Restrict Processing

You may also request a limitation on the processing of personal data, if

• you contest the accuracy of your personal information while verifying its accuracy,

• personal information has been processed illegally (instead of requesting its deletion), or

• we no longer need personal information for the purposes above, but you need them to prove, apply or defend legal claims,

• you object to the processing of personal data that is carried out on the legal basis of legitimate interest, and this during the verification, if there is a legitimate reason for their further processing.

Right to Portability

Your data that you have provided with us for the contract performance or on the basis of the consent, and which we process by automated means, you may transfer to another organization as far as it is technically possible.

Right to Object

For reasons related to your particular situation you may object against the processing of your personal data, which is carried out on a legal basis of legitimate interest. In case of such an objection, we will cease to process your personal data, unless the necessary reason for its further processing or the grounds for proving, applying or defending legal claims is stated.


Right to Explain Automated Decision

You have the right to get an explanation of the decision that was adopted solely on the automated processing of personal data and which has legal effects that affect you or have a significant effect on you in a similar way. You have the right to express your opinion on that decision and then (if necessary) the right to contest an automated individual decision and possibly to request human intervention on our part.

6. Security

To protect your data against unauthorized access or manipulation, we have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures. These measures include the necessary software and hardware security, including firewall protection, data encryption, and restricted private key access only by authorized persons. These security measures are regularly tailored and continuously optimized to keep up with the latest technological developments.

7. Updates

This Privacy Policy is valid from Dec 1, 2022.

We regularly review and revise our processes of data processing protection, and therefore we may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We shall inform you, if such an update includes significant changes. The currently valid version of the Privacy Policy shall always be published on our website and in the application.

8. Contact

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or this Privacy Policy, you can contact our responsible person at the following email address: